Sunday, July 27, 2008

MRCB Art Competition

Seratus Ribu. Begitu bunyi iklan pertandingan (sumbangan) seni yang mewar-warkan hadiah yang dikira lumayan di Malaysia. Ramai yang teruja. Malah melihatkan promosi yang besar-besaran di kaca tv ramai yang telah memicit warna dan meregang kanvas. Fuad Osman pulak yang bersuara tu... untuk sama-sama menjaga alam sekitar, perlukan sumbangan karya. Balai Seni Lukis Negara turut menaja.

Dalam laman MyArtHost ada gema yang menyeru komuniti seni berlumba-lumba menyertainya. Namun meneliti syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan, kita merasa ada yang tidak kena dengan seruan itu. Bagi yang menyertainya, sama ada menang atau tidak, karya akan menjadi milik penganjur. Tidak pasti itu khliaf penganjur atau sengaja memutar kata. Siapalah agaknya yang amat bijak menentukan syarat itu. Apa yang pasti setiap penyertaan perlu disertakan borang yang melepaskan hak milik karya kepada penganjur.

Jika ini merupakan sumbangan pelukis, mengapa tidak disebutkan derma seni sahaja? Pelukis bukan sahaja perlu memerah otak bagi menjelma idea ke alam nyata malah terpaksa pula merelakan karya mereka menjadi milik orang lain, semata-mata mengharapkan habuan yang entah dapat entahkan tidak...

Hamidon Ahmed
Presiden APDR
Ketua Biro Pameran GAP's


((( ))) said...

mmg tak adil dan mengarut... kat beijing, yakni negara komunis pun, diorang tak mintak transfer copyright dalam art contest, kecuali kalo menang grand prize.. lepas tu organizer komplen artis malaysia tak sokong korporate yg nak support malaysian art..

kamal sabran said...

senang, jagan masuk kontes ni

Khairul said...

Saya hadir semasa MRCB mengadakan mesyuarat/perbincangan semasa mahu memperkenalkan pertandingan ini. Walau bagaimana pun apa yang saya perhatikan, para jemputan amatlah sedikit dan para pengkarya seni..mmmm..rasanya tak de pun yang hadir. Saya tidak pasti samada penganjur ada menjemput artis atau tidak untuk sama-sama dalam perbincangan hari itu.

Khairul said...

maksud saya para jemputan yang hadir...

((( ))) said...

MRCB anugerah seni update...

well, apparently the mrcb fellas are really trying.. first of all they have responded to a lot of the emails/complaints that they received. and they have just changed the requirement from minimum 4x4 feet to maximum 5x5 feet... imagine trying to paint a 4x4 feet using water color... where does one even find quality watercolor paper that big...?

just when u think that technology can help people to just google for art contest and can 'cut-and-paste' the internationally accepted rules and conditions for an art contest in less than 10 seconds, we still have to reinvent the wheel to create a major art competition for malaysia to make things... errmmm.. make it better?... apparently malaysians do realize that there is value in art, or should i say, money in art... through art we can do good charity work and actually raise the money that is needed (like the WWF rimbun dahan show that raised about RM150k this year for 1 show, where works were sold out even before the opening>> but the MRCB art program wants to do charity work AND help malaysian artists as their CSR...

but is it to the benefit of the local art industry? will great works be produced for people to take part if the conditions are clearly against the artist to do so? and if shoddy works are sent in (since artists are practically just giving them away) and if participation is very low, how will this influence public's perception towards malaysian art, or the corporate body themselves? Will they actually raise money that is really needed by the bodies that they intend to help? will other corporations engage in future artistic endeavors if few artists take part based on this MRCB contest? and lets say if the 'expert' jury thinks hamir soib's 4x4 feet black bitumen painting (if hamir enters the contest of course) is worth RM200, then reduce it further to RM100 discount on the last day of exhibition because the MRCB condition stipulates that they have ALL RIGHTS to 'get rid' of the works as they deem fit since storage space is costly, how does this help to promote the artist? it would not only give a negative perception to the public that malaysian art has got no value, but may even cripple the art market as we know it..

nevertheless, i think another point to consider that not many has raised is the fact that not only are the artists to transfer their rights (soul), but they also have to indemnify the organizers and keep them harmless from and against any liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses, proceedings, suits or other consequences arising from any claim or allegation that a third party’s Intellectual Property Right or other right has been infringed. read the last paragraph where you're supposed to sign the transfer of rights, its like signing in blood... and you may not even get anything for doing it, but potentially have to handle all the problems in the legal world.

meaning, if the work is being sued by a third party for copyright infringement, even though the work and all rights belongs to MRCB for eternity and on this planet (upon entering the contest) and even if its already sold to someone else, or if they decide to use the paintings 25 years in the future for an art exhibition in london to promote malaysia or something, the artist (if still alive) is still liable to protect MRCB against any claims, plus the artist has to pay for all legal costs and damages towards these claims.

So, if nike sues the organizers against using their logo in the painting for USD13million, then guess who has to pay? Or who goes to jail if you can’t pay? and if the artist is dead, then its their next-of-kin that will be accountable... and that’s your children's children, and their children, and their great great grand children will curse you for your stupidity.. for eternity, but at least the law is limited to this planet only… so in 100 years if we can stay on the moon then its no longer valid.. only then you’ve broken the curse!!!

Why?... just because you have agreed to indemnify MRCB against any infringement claims... it says so in the entry form conditions… ...(refer Borang Pelepasan Hakmilik Anugerah Seni MRCB 2008>>

so say if you decide to use the coca-cola logo, nike logo, or any images that has copyrights, like something you would commonly see for mixed media or pop-art paintings, and if these original owners decide to sue MRCB for 'using' the painting containing these images, the artist is still liable... ok, so now the people that read this understands better about what may happen if you do take part, but how about the hundreds of artists that just signs the form blindly? or worse still, imagine the innocent school children that wants to take part and signs it.. then they decide to paint mickey mouse.. yeeeyyy... or transformers, or barbie dolls, or spongebob, or stormtroopers from starwars (I’ve seen a Malaysian artist that does this well, but I cant remember the name right now – you’d be in trouble dude!!!).. well, if the kids, or their parents sign it, they would still be liable... and they may not even know it!

but then again, i might be wrong... u need a lawyer nowadays just to take part in any art programs and read their fine print... of course you'd have the option of not entering.. and just take it when the public and corporations say that malaysian artists stay in caves to paint and dont want to show their work or to take part in public programs... but artists reeeeaaaaallly like to take part in competitions.. its not about winning or losing at all, nor the prize money... competitions bring us together, learn what others are doing, compete on a level playing field, get exposure, make friends, and more importantly it engages the public.. just look at how our artists are taking part in competitions that are fair and well organized… too bad the competition is not in malaysia..

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